Why you shouldn’t listen to property market predictions – good or bad!

Property bubbles, the abolition of negative gearing, Australia’s housing affordability crisis, property market is on a brink of crashing, property cannot continue to appreciate in value at the same rate – all of these are headlines you regularly see in the newspapers. Bad news (read fear) sells more newspapers than good news. I have been […]

Dentists are special… which banks know this?

Everyone likes to be offered something special and the banking industry certainly hasn’t forgotten dentists in this regard. This article will profile the special offers available to dentists in respect to home and investment residential mortgages and how to make the most of them. The reason banks like dentists as customers is due to their […]

The eighth wonder of the world

Albert Einstein called it the eighth wonder of the world. Without it, it is almost impossible to build wealth and become financially free. However, with it, financial freedom is easy! You don’t necessarily need to pay an advisor to get it, as it is available to everyone. What is it? Let me explain using a […]

Do dentists pay too much tax?

A dentist, on average, pays over $2.5 million* in tax over the life of their career which is a huge amount considering the average Australian will only pay a fraction of this amount at an estimate of around $500,000. For the average Australian, their largest expense is typically their home loan. For dentists, income tax […]

Save tax through successful loan structuring

Click here for a printable version How you structure your loans can have a big impact on the tax you pay, your risk, your ability to build wealth, your cash flow and your general financial strength. Efficient loan structuring is a commonly overlooked and rarely understood topic but that’s not to say it’s overly complex. […]

How to supercharge your property portfolio

The best way to fast-track your portfolio and acquire more properties is to maximise your borrowable equity Often property investors refer to “equity” as the difference between a property’s current value and the mortgage balance(s) secured by it (i.e. what they owe). This definition is meaningful in that it is a good measure of wealth […]